Icon Searcher is a Shareware program. This means that you can test it for a period of 30 days. After testing the program, you must either order the full version, or delete the program from your harddisk.

Icon Searcher Personal license With the personal license you can use the program for noncommercial purposes in nonbusiness, noncommercial environment (at home); one license per one computer.

Price: 29.95 USD

After registration you will get:
1. the Registration Code (by Email) to unlock all the functions and the licensed latest version of Icon Searcher
2. notifications of every Major Upgrade and the new registration code, free of charge.
3. life-of-product technical support.
4. no time limit on usage and no annoying registration notice.

Finally, by registering, you will enable us to improve our software and continue to develop high quality products in the future.