Icon Searcher Version 4.10 (13.0 MB)

Language: English, Slovenian, Croatian, Français, Italiano, Dutch, German, Greek, hungarian,Russian, Czech, Korean, Danish, Estonian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Turkish, Farsi, Byelorussian

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10;  Windows Server 2008/2012  32/64-bit

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Download Icon Collections for Icon Searcher:

Icon collection 1 (21.1 MB)
Icon collection 2 (19.9MB)
Icon collection 3 (10.8MB)
Icon collection 4 (10.3MB)
Icon collection 5 (10.0MB)
Icon collection 6 (73.8MB)
Icon collection 7 (60.0MB)
How to use Icon Collection ?
  1. Download and Unpack
  2. Copy .db file to ‘{App}/database/’
  3. Start ‘Icon Searcher’
  4. From toolbar select icon file

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