Icon Searcher Version 4.10 Released!

Icon Searcher Version 4.10 (13.0 MB)

Language: English, Slovenian, Croatian, Français, Italiano, Dutch, German, Greek, hungarian,Russian, Czech, Korean, Danish, Estonian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Turkish, Farsi, Byelorussian

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10;  Windows Server 2008/2012  32/64-bit

Icon Searcher ScreenShot

Icon Searcher ScreenShot

Every Windows user, no matter how inexperienced he is, uses shortcuts for quickly accessing any desired application. These shortcuts use icons for displaying on the desktop. But there are times when a program’s icon isn’t good enough or has a low quality and doesn’t please a user. Windows offers the possibility of changing the icon of a shortcut, but the problem is where to find a new icon. Fortunately, there is a solution for this and that’s the program Icon Searcher. What the program does is extracting the icon of any executable and also comes with an impressive library of predefined icons of any size, that can be applied on every type of shortcut.

The program has a classical installer that finishes in a very short time and also requires minimum intervention from the user. It’s a point and click operation. Every version of Windows is supported for running the application.

The interface of Icon Searcher is basic and has all the controls and options easy to reach. One can use the classical menu for starting the program’s tasks or can take advantage of the graphical toolbar. A large number of predefined icons is included in the software, but the user can add icons from any executable. Icon Searcher also includes a search feature, for quickly and easily finding all the files from a certain directory, which contain icons and automatically importing them in Icon Searcher.

All the icons included in the program come in different sizes, so they can be used with any type of icon, no matter the size. Icon Searcher allows saving icons in various formats and can also save the entire list of icons, for reusing it later, in case the user deletes the program or re-installs the operating system.

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